Here we are in September! It has that back to school feel, doesn’t it? Even if you only have an imaginary daughter, as in my case. Turns out shoes are much cheaper when your children are not real.

Speaking of which, I was really delighted at the reaction to my new ‘work in progress’ show, Celia Delaney is…Angelic? (And its imaginary child storyline).

I got two genuinely interesting reviews, an interview (see below) and this lovely photo from Toby Lee of me at the end of the first night.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to watch it in Exeter and Camden. I had really consistent feedback on it that helped me to see what is (and isn’t) working.

Now I have some time to decide what I want to do with it, as there are a couple of months before the pitching for Edinburgh begins in earnest for next year. I do know that I will definitely be going up to Edinburgh in 2020 as one half of cabaret duo, Loris & Lee, so don’t worry I will see you there one way or another!

This week I will be watching BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz being recorded at Broadcasting House in London. Angela Barnes is in the chair. I met her recently and we have something in common – she has also worked with the director who has been so skilfully and patiently steering Angelic.

There’s no rest for the wicked (as I think we determined in Celia Delaney is…Angelic? Answer: No.) I am working on a new showreel for my MC work, preparing for the editing stage of the MC book I have co-authored and below I reveal my new brand identity, that will take ‘brand Delaney’ through Brexit and beyond! *

Fingers crossed we are all still discussing Brexit next month, because genuinely I won’t know what to do with my time if we aren’t. I can’t even remember life ‘before’.

* I’ve stockpiled Jaffa Cakes, beans and marmite, just in case.

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