It’s July already and I am feeling the heat…and I don’t mean the recent heatwave, although that too (I am sitting writing this in forty degree heat in the shade). No, I am feeling the very real deadline of an audience who have bought tickets and are sitting expectantly in their seats to watch a show that I am still writing…

Such is the agony of creating a new show: in this case my ‘work-in-progress’ show, Angelic. (This is a clever industry term to disguise any artistic failings as ‘not quite finished yet’).

It’s slowly coming together and with four weeks to go to its first outing – at Exeter’s first ever Fringe Festival – I feel like it could be worse. There is a very decent song, and some jokes that people are consistently laughing at, an intriguing conceit in the ‘imaginary daughter’ storyline and a great photo for the poster. I say this to cheer myself up as most of the time I am just staring at a blank page just saying to myself, ‘write something funny…write something funny…just write something….’

I confessed this to a comedy producer friend of mine, Mal Wharton, and he was kind enough to give me some advice about the writing process. I’ve made it into my speaking inspiration piece this month as it fits nicely with the weather (it’s mostly about napping and being outside).

My kind of work ethic!


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