Did I say last month that 8 weeks of isolation was the best case scenario? Well, it will be 9 weeks on Monday, so like me, lockdown is past its best.

After last month’s fringe-cutting-near-bleeding-to-death disaster I was getting pretty smug about my hairdressing skills until I went too far and now have a Herman Munster fringe.

It’s a bank holiday on Monday. I’m just informing you, as you won’t actually notice any difference. It has a kind of cosy nostalgia to it, much like, ‘I went to the theatre last night,’ and ‘I had too much to drink and ended up in A&E.’

It’s also half term. Who knew? Teachers, that’s who! Let’s remember our teachers this week – they are not getting clapping and free data and meals made for them, but they are teaching online, staffing schools for kids of key workers and worrying about dying.

It’s also mental health awareness week this week and the theme this year is ‘Kindness’.

So as well as being kind to teachers and key workers and your hair, it would be really kind of you to watch Loris & Lee’s music video for ‘Kindness is Contagious’ on YouTube.

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