Well, we are here, in the weirdest time of our lives, it’s official. It’s Brexit month! Or is it?

I feel like everything in my life is being put on hold while we wait for the verdict and so I’m going to be in a spa for most of October because it’s the only way I know to survive it: When the chips are down, bunker down in a sauna, that’s what I always say. I shall use the time wisely in the spa however, by filming tips from my forthcoming book, The Exceptional MC, and there is a teaser trailer for it below in Hot off the Press.

This month I will also be coaching the police on presentation skills, helping someone who is a finalist for an award write their presentation, and brainstorming a new public speaking course with my friends at Humour Works. Did you know I am a speaking coach? I have a Brexit-proof offer for you below if you want to book coaching with me this month.

On the comedy front, I take on two new MC duties this month – at Putney Comedy Club and West End Wendies. On the blog I talk about what I’ve learned in my five years in comedy so far.

The clocks go back on Sunday 27th October so make the most of the light, we are likely to be plunged into darkness on the 31st October! Never mind Halloween, this year we could get the shock of our lives on the last day of the month!!

I’ll be drinking champagne in a sauna.

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