The nation has spoken and it seems to have said: Let’s get this done.

So that will be my theme for this month: Getting it done!

It’s good to look back before you look forward, and what better time to look back on what we’ve done than the end of a decade? In Speaking Inspiration I start to explore a new coaching venture I’ve started, called The Bucket List Coach by looking at “Your Proud Achievements” of 2019 and beyond.

While our MPs work around the clock to get Brexit done, I’ve got my own band of elves working hard late into the night before Christmas getting these things done:

I am very excited about my new venture, The Bucket List Coach, and I’m getting my training done this month to become the first coach in the UK!

The Exceptional MC book is now in production! We are getting the typesetting and book cover design done as I write.

What are YOU getting done?

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