Like most London comedians, I am from somewhere else, and at the end of July I am leaving London and making the journey back to the county of my birth – Devon – to appear at the inaugural Exeter Fringe – in fact in my bio on the event website describes me as “home-grown”! 

For one night only I will be performing my new show “Celia Delaney is… Angelic?”, which is a work in progress, as I gradually write the show with the aim of taking it to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2020.

This piece of writing has been a huge learning curve for me (see this blog on Finding The Funny) and this process is a crucial part of my journey to fulfilling my dream of becoming a comedian.

The show is centred around me having a secret love child…which poses the question am I really as angelic as claim to be? Here’s the official blurb:

“A love affair in France at 19 years old left Celia with an imaginary daughter, whom she has raised as a single parent for 25 years, unbeknownst to anyone. With Brexit looming, will she have to send her back? What has happened to her daughter in all these years? The fire at Notre Dame takes us back to the beginning of the story as she traces her daughter’s trials and tribulations along with her own, across three decades.

From yarns about the ‘Fighting Irish’ (not the sporting team, just Celia’s family), to a highly opinionated grandmother she never met, Celia counts the ways in which she is not angelic. Born in Devon, raised in Yorkshire and educated at Oxford, she claims to be ‘post-Northern’ while conveniently retaining her old Sheffield ways. She may be middle-class, wear a T-shirt stating, ‘Choose Love’ in support of refugees, but she can still start a punch-up in a nightclub.”

I am thrilled to be bringing the Exeter audience this tale of lost love, told through three generations of women, with songs and stand-up comedy.

I’d love to see you there – all details below:

Show title: Celia Delaney is…Angelic?

Date: Monday 29th July 2019

Time: 9pm – 10pm

Venue: Barnfield Theatre, Studio

To book to see me on Monday 29th July @ 9 pm, please call the Barnfield Theatre Box Office on 01392 271808 (Weekdays 10 am – 4 pm/ Saturdays 10am-2pm) or via this link