On 12th September Celia will be appearing not once but twice at PSA North West!

In the afternoon session Celia will deliver The Funny Thing About Speaking: How to add humour to your talk

Celia is very well known for her irreverent style as a comedian and MC in the PSA. Originally trained as an actress in musical theatre, she later became a wedding singer, and then trained in cabaret and now stages her own shows and gets booked to work as a speaker and after-dinner entertainer.

In this session, she is going to take you through lessons learned from her twenty years in entertainment and how you can use them to create a more humorous talk.

By listening to Celia you will:

  • Think about how you want to portray your persona on stage
  • Understand the difference between observation and observational humour
  • Learn how to structure and deliver a joke
    And… Practise delivering some humour (if you want to!)

There will be simple hand-outs, but also bring something with you for taking notes, as we’re sure you’ll want to!

Celia will also be asking for volunteers who want to try out a bit of humour on the audience, so if you want to be a volunteer, please bring:
a sentence about yourself you’ve tried to/want to make funny
a point you would like to create a funny afterthought for…
Then in the evening Celia will be back delivering her keynote iPersuade: How to speak persuasively inside and outside your business

Celia speaks on persuasion and impact, and has developed a unique skill set she teaches to individuals and organisations, called The iPersuade Principles.

Demonstrating her point with her signature story about an encounter on the London Underground, she asserts that persuasion is not about pushing people, it’s about moving people.

By listening to Celia, you will:

  • Learn how to become the master (or mistress) of persuasion
  • Understand how to ‘move’ people
  • Discover how to overcome the challenges of speaking to anyone who is resisting you!
  • The whole event will be made complete by Caroline Dakin who will deliver Proactive Resilience – The Art of Bouncing Back

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