Did you see in the news about the terrible fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris?

It destroyed the roof.

No matter what you think about religion, to me it’s always sad to see a beautiful building ruined.

Notre Dame is a Catholic church and I was named after the Catholic’s patron saint of music, St Cecilia. It is an Anglo-French name and means…angelic!

So I wanted to write a song that was inspired by the fire and our choice in the UK to leave the EU and also about something that happened to me a long time ago.

Did you know Notre Dame means Our Lady in tribute to the Virgin Mary? I guess we were all virgins once…some of us a lot longer ago than others…and this is a song about when I lost my virginity.

Here are the lyrics in case you can’t listen to it just now (but do as it’s a sweet little tune!):

Get well soon, Notre Dame, get well soon
I only saw you once before one day in June
And though your lofty roof was soaring
I must confess I found you boring
Until a French boy caught my eye one afternoon

To an audience member: Do you speak French? No? Neither do I…

He bought me ‘un café’ in the sun (le soleil)
We talked, we laughed for hours, we had fun (we were tres… jolly)
With his accent soft and rolling
In that summer we went strolling
And by the end of one long day my heart he’d won (je t’aime)

So will you think of me as they restore those beams?
Because it seems to me that day my life unravelled at the seams?
And who is going to mend my broken dreams?

To the same audience member: Do you know how to say, “Who is going to mend my broken dreams”, in French? No? Have a go… it’s “Qui va réparer mes rêves brisés?” It isn’t, I just made that up. 

When I came home it was September
And that night I still remember
I could have sworn I was carrying your child
But I must say with some regret
It turns out it was a baguette
I was just fatter than when I left the British Isles (je suis…podgy)

It turns out he was a cad
Yes I’d been well and truly had
This guy had shagged in every country you could name
But it wasn’t that that made me blue
It was leaving the EU
And now it’s happening again, what a shame…(or not, depending on your point of view. This is mine…merde!)

So will you think of US as they restore those beams?
Because it seems to me that day OUR lives unravelled at the seams?
And who is going to mend OUR broken dreams?

Spoken: Not Boris Johnson that’s for sure….
(this was written before he was Prime Minister)

So for now, Notre Dame
For now, Notre Dame
For now, Notre Dame
Get well soon
Get well soon
Get well soon

I hope you enjoyed this original song from Celia Delaney.

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Live happily, be kind and share your life with others.