Have you done your Bucket List yet?

Here is my reverse bucket list (things I have down already) for 2019 and my future bucket list (things I want to do) for 2020!


Do you want to know what all the letters stand for?

I will be running the first-ever public workshop in the U.K. this Saturday so come along and you will find out! To find out more and book a place click here

Here is the room we will be in:


This is what one bucket lister said at the pilot workshop I ran this week:
“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop this morning. 3 hours was not enough! Thank you for your support and encouragement. I think I would definitely like some more coaching for general life survival!” Emma Fox

Until then, make sure you are taking time out to work on your Bucket List and not just on your To-Do list.

Celia xx

The UK’s 1st Certified Bucket List Coach

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