The iPersuade Principles

The iPersuade Principles are a complete skill set in 4 ‘pillars’ that form the foundation of your SpeakingSuccess. Through iPrepare, iPresent, iPromote and iPersuade, you can learn how to write effective talks; the secrets of great delivery; and, crucially, how to promote, sell and influence when speaking to groups or individuals.



Define and shape your speaking based on learning methodology, right thinking, overcoming fear, and understanding your personality.



Discover how to be an amazing speaker: body, language, voice, projection, personal impact, energy, interaction, language, taking questions, sightreading, use of microphones, notes and slides.



Celia’s unique 5-step process that will dramatically increase your chances of people taking action when you speak, whether to groups or 1-2-1.



Develop great sales skills

Influence internally

Learn the secrets of persuasion

Network for business

The iPersuade principles are delivered by Celia Delaney through SpeakingSuccess masterclasses, books, e-learning and individual coaching.

You may wish to book Celia to speak at your conference, book your senior team into a masterclass or individual coaching programme, and purchase e-learning modules to support team members who are having the live training, as well as for those who are not able to attend in person. Often, a client will ask Celia to coach the senior team in time for a conference, and in addition use the blended learning approach to follow up on conference themes. They might even hire Celia to be the MC for the day so that the speakers can concentrate on implementing what they’ve learned. Celia is also known as a comedian on the circuit and so many clients combine her coaching and comedy skills into one event.

Celia’s presentation training is inspirational, practical and fun! Her bespoke psychological approach and insightful understanding of body language provided some interesting revelations that will help me with my next presentation - I can’t wait to put the training into practice!

Julia Record, Group Director of Communications at Dorchester Collection

Why choose SpeakingSuccess?

1. Preparation:

We ask you to prepare a talk you want to do and to work on that while using iPersuade. Many people find they have entirely re-written their talk by the end of iPromote. We also like you to fill in our pre-course questionnaire, so we can help you as you go along your learning journey.

2. Practice:

All our sessions are highly interactive: In our live training, you will have practised speaking and had feedback on it from your peers and from your trainer. You’ll come away understanding where you are strong and where you struggle in your speaking and sales, and have actions to overcome that.

3. Personal Feedback:

You’ll also get feedback on how you come across as an individual – and that is a big confidence boost, as it’s very often more positive than you were expecting…

The iPersuade Principles are about allowing you to feel more confident in your own ability:

Knowing what to do with a talk i.e. how to structure and deliver a persuasive talk or 1-2-1 sales conversation, takes away much of the trepidation to do with public speaking so you no longer have to expend energy on feeling that you don’t know what to say or how to say it yourself or what will happen if things go wrong!

NEW! E-learning courses from SpeakingSuccess. Our brand new video series featuring Celia Delaney covers various topics from The iPersuade Principles. Can be used as a stand-alone e-learning programme or included in blended learning alongside live training and speaking. You can host the videos on your own learning management systems if you wish or give your learners access to our cloud-based platform. Programmes from iPrepare, iPresent and iPromote all come with downloadable content, printable handouts, audio & visual resources, tests and certificates of completion. Just ask us about how to bring SpeakingSuccess TV in-house for your learners!

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