“Learning is a process of active engagement with experience. It is what we do when we want to make sense of the world. It may involve the development or deepening of skills, knowledge, understanding, awareness, values, ideas and feelings, or an increase in the capacity to reflect. Effective learning leads to change, development and the desire to learn more.”
               The Campaign for Learning’s definition of learning

Learning at Work Week 2019 takes place from 13th to 19th May on the theme ‘Shaping the Future’. The week long event has been coordinated by the Campaign for Learning since 1999, the aim is to shine a light on the benefits of learning and development at work.

At the heart of this annual national event is the desire to inspire lifelong learning in the community. Being a life-long learner has tangible benefits and impacts positively on health, wealth, happiness and longevity. We benefit as individuals, but learning beyond school also has wide ranging and immeasurable benefits for our families and communities, our working lives, society and the economy.

The Campaign for Learning organises Learning at Work Week annually to nurture a culture of learning at work. Organisations across the country mark Learning at Work Week with creative, vibrant and engaging campaigns and activities that inspire colleagues to learn through life and promote learning cultures at work.

If you are interested in finding out more or are interested in getting your organization involved, check the resources on the Campaign for Learning website here. To follow the week’s activities on social media head over and see what Campaign for Learning is up to on Twitter and Learning At Work Week also have an account.

On the 14th of May, I am facilitating a workshop on Networking at the University of London as part of their Learning at Work Week. I ran a similar event with them last year so it’s great to be asked back. It’s called The Funny Thing About Networking and is all about how to introduce yourself, how to move around the room when networking and how to get away from people when you’ve had enough. And there are jokes. That’s why it’s called The Funny Thing About Networking.