I was recently interviewed by Paul Sloane for his podcast Insights for Successful People

In it I talk about my life from my early days in Barnstaple in Devon (it must, at least, be twinned with Milan, yes?!) to where I am now – a speaker, MC, coach and comedian in London.

My years as a Northern girl
My parents and their strong influence on my life
School days and my synergy with Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger
How, but for twin sisters with moustaches, I could have been shotput queen (or figure skating queen)
My early love of amateur dramatics
My enduring love of education and how I still feel it is of utmost importance to girls around the world
My Oxford University days – my “going out” watch, my uni pals and the culturing of my “posh Northern” accent
My career as an HR Director and happy years a happy years as an actress including how I came to be described as “distressingly sexual”!
The launch of my speaking career for £250!
The knowledge I impart to my coaching clients
My songs, my role models and influencers, what spurs me on (and holds me back), my new bff – my ukulele and much more……