I have started a new series and it’s called “Tea and Jam with…”

I say series, knowing me, it will be the first and last!!

The idea is, I meet with fellow musical artists and we chat about their journey so far and of course we can’t resist the opportunity to have a bit of a musical play together – the jam – all washed down with a cup of tea!

So this is the first in the “series” with musical comedian Dan Attfield.

Dan, as well as being a musical comedian, is a guitarist, and improviser.
He writes and performs solo musical comedy, and frequently compères and accompanies for improv musical shows including the successful Amusical, run by Jayde Adams and Kiri Pritchard-McLean.

We chatted about all manner of subjects including how we met – which was at the Musical Comedy Awards in London a couple of years back – we both took part – Dan saw great success – progressing through to semi-finals, I, on the other hand, didn’t. But I’m not bitter!

Do take a look at the very first “Tea and Jam with….”

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