Much excitement came to The Emerald Room recently, when Loris & Lee were interviewed by Richard McKenzie – a.k.a. The Burly Photographer – for his fantastic new podcast, “The Burly Podcast”.

For those of you who don’t know, The Emerald Room has become the rehearsal home-from-home for my comedy duo Loris & Lee. It is actually a studio in the garden of my comedy partner in crime, Tamasine Kimber and it is where we regularly meet to compose songs and write our material.

Now I say much excitement came to The Emerald Room – and it did – but I didn’t. Obviously we are all in lockdown currently due to the coronavirus and so while Tam was very much in situ in the studio – I was at my home, as was host Richard, so we utilised all the tech options at our disposal and conducted the interview via Zoom with the use of some recorded material for our songs as we could not perform these live on this occasion! It worked beautifully and we had a blast!

During the podcast we talked (lots!) about how Loris & Lee came about; why cabaret means so much to people and its rightful place – along with other arts – in helping during this time of crisis.

We talked anecdotally about the events in both our lives which have shaped our act and Richard also added some of his experiences of cabaret life in London and photographing live events on the cabaret and burlesque scene.

Our beloved ukuleles came in for some friendly ukulele bashing and required a degree of defence, which we were very quick to do (“Never in tune!” How very dare he?!)

We both wear wigs in the show – I now own no less than seven wigs – and PVC stage wear!

So you see – there really was something for everyone in the podcast – including THREE songs – one being our new single, previously known as, “The Kindness Song”, a power ballad that we have now named, “Kindness is Contagious”, NOT after the virus (!), but because that is the name of our show.

Watch out for the eighties-style video to come soon to accompany the song, as our host said, “Bonnie Tyler eat your heart out!”.

You can check out the podcast here – or on any of your favourite podcast platforms:

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  • Spotify

A bit about our host – Richard wears many hats, but when he isn’t recording the podcast he is most likely to be found taking  photos under the pseudonym, “The Burly Photographer”. He takes the most amazing shots of Burlesque, Cabaret, Drag and everything in between, plus the occasional riot – check out his website and blog here.

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Remember, Kindness is Contagious: Pass it On!

Much love,
Loris & Lee

Celia Delaney