The cast album of Till Death Us Do Part? is now available online! We are thrilled to announce that we have an album for sale following our successful run of the show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The Secret Divorce Society was formed in 2018 by seasoned cabaret performers Celia Delaney, Birgitta Kenyon and Tamasine Kimber. They co-wrote the show Till Death Us Do Part? to take to the 2018 Edinburgh Festival and beyond!

Featuring a mix of music to appeal to all tastes, we follow the story of Bobbi, Mary and Sally, members of The Secret Divorce Society which was formed to discuss the age old question ‘Should I stay or should HE go?’, as they take you through the events leading up to a murder at a wedding and the eventual reveal of the murderess – decided by the audience each evening of the show.

Bobbi (played by Birgitta Kenyon) founded and runs The Secret Divorce Society, a bespoke service for well to do women to plot how to escape their unhappy marriages, all under the guise of a luncheon club! She is also a pianist on the side. She has a secret past that has come back to haunt her, but does she really have a motive to commit this murder?

Sally (played by Celia Delaney) is currently on husband number 4. What happened to the previous three is a mystery. She has a low boredom threshold and looks for ways to spice up life by searching for ways to kill a man online, but does she have the bottle to go through with it?

Mary (played by Tamasine Kimber) is the perfect corporate wife. Her husband works in the city doing goodness knows what, but earns enough to keep her in nice shoes. She has three children, all under the age of 5 and is slowly going mad with the insanity of it all. Could she have been driven over the edge to kill?

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‘Great voices and a wicked sense of humour’ – View from the Gods
‘Lyrically razor sharp. A consistently funny act.’ – London City Nights
‘Very well written and amusing production.’ – Audience Member