As part of my love of all things London comedy, last month I went to Camden Comedy Club to see the ‘new material show’ by The Guilty Feminist.

The Guilty Feminist is a comedy podcast hosted by Deborah Frances-White. Launched in 2015, it was the brainchild of Deborah and co-host Sofie Hagen. When Sofie left the partnership, the co-hosting format was continued by inviting a range of guests to work alongside Deborah.

The 45-minute long weekly podcast is recorded in front of a live audience and each episode features a different guest. The subjects discussed on the podcast are wide ranging but all are centered on feminism today and the “insecurities and hypocrisies” that often accompany it.

Each episode begins with the words “I’m a feminist but…” – this is then followed by a statement which completely flies in the face of typically-held opinions on feminism – “I’m a feminist but I was late here today as I was up until 7am binge-watching Love Island” ….. “I’m a feminist but I’ve told everyone I’ve seen today that I’m hungover….and I totally expected them to look after me” You get the gist!

The podcast is a combination of humour and politics. It’s hilarious funny, IMHO, has had some great guests such as Shappi Kapoor and Aisling Bea and has the potential to appeal to many who would otherwise be disinterested in any sort of conversation about feminism.

The podcast has enjoyed great success in the last year, receiving accolades at many comedy festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe and is currently awaiting the outcome of its nomination in the Bristish Podcast Awards 2019.

The next venture for the podcast is the delivery of conferences that encourage women to take a more prominent position in work and education through a series of workshops. The first is at the end of May in London – and Deborah Frances-White is keen to not let the fact that a free lunch is provided, go unnoted.

But even before that, the excitement is being well and truly ramped up with the news that The Guilty Feminist is to be on tour throughout May! Check out the schedule here. These shows are NOT being recorded so go along or you’ll miss out!

Celia Delaney, Event host and keynote speaker

celiadelaney             Deborah Frances-White – founder and co-host of “The Guilty Feminist”