Another interview! I was recently interviewed by Nick Day of The HR L&D Podcast, which is sponsored by Think Learning, one of the partners that promote my iPersuade video series.

The podcast is entitled “When You Laugh You Learn” and in it I talk about how I believe that when you incorporate fun and laughter into learning it encourages greater engagement.

I wish I was funnier on the podcast, but I do my best – there is nothing worse than talking about comedy to kill it off completely! I make the point that whatever it takes to get people to laugh together, it should an overt aim of the learning design, as social psychology suggests it helps us to bond together – even more vital now in an isolated digital world – and neuroscience states that we lay down new neural pathways when we make new connections between things, which is what comedy does all the time.

It’s a good listen, and even more so as I have a sexy new microphone, so I sound even better than Nick!!

Listen to the podcast here.

In the interview, Nick asks me about my digital presence and we speak about the courses I’ve recently made available that allow people to work with me even if they can’t meet up in person.

The iPersuade video series captures my trademark teaching on public speaking and persuasion and is available as an online course hosted by Thinkific. It is a scalable virtual course, developed entirely by me after years of speaking, testing and practising these topics. Check it out on SpeakingSuccess TV